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My name is Paul Litwin. I am a geek.

But I also have a life. At least I think I do. Oh, and I live and work in Seattle, Washington. (No, I don’t work for Microsoft or Amazon.)

I like to consider myself a big proponent of sustainability, fitness, and sensible living. I also have a strong respect for nature and the concept of doing no harm, and believe in the need for taking care of my lesser brothers and sisters. But I can’t say I see a lot written on the whole or well-rounded geek. So I decided I would take a stab at it.

This blog is about the whole geek. Whole in terms of caring about the whole world, or universe for that matter, rather than just what is front of oneself.

I will try to stay out of political discussions unless there is some good reason to mention such matters.

Hopefully, you will find some relevance here to your life as a geek seeking more wholeness or a whole person seeking more geekiness or none of the above.

Fast forward 7 years forward to 2020 and, in case you didn’t notice it, the world is in a crisis called climate change! I am rededicating this blog to the climate crisis and being a voice for action in the face of this existential threat to this planet, all of its species, and future generations. Expect a lot more on the crisis and on climate action. I encourage you. No, I implore you to get involved as well.

Full disclosure: many of the posts on this blog on the topic of climate change are cross-posted (with a few differences) on my other blog, Laudato Si in Action, that is part of a group I founded at my church community on climate change. I hope you will forgive me as I am getting the word out on this critical crisis across multiple communities.

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