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Windows Keyboard on Mac

This summer I bought one of those super-duper high-end MacBookPro Retina laptops and so far I am loving it. Bear in mind, this is no small feat for a lifetime PC guy who mostly programs on the Microsoft platform. This was my first Mac (assuming one doesn’t count iOS devices that I own).


I use VMWare Fusion to run Windows on my new Mac. In fact, I write blog posts using Windows Live Writer, which is still one of the best (perhaps the best) blogging editor around even though Microsoft is rumored to be killing it. (Of course, that would be entirely short-sighted because this a great foot-in-the-door for Microsoft to show non-Microsofties that Microsoft loves them too and welcomes them into the Microsoft world.)

Anyway, one of the frustrations in using my new MacBookPro is in figuring out how to map the Mac keyboard to my Windows virtual machines in order to simulate keys like the Windows, Home, End, and Delete keys.

Interesting, I just installed a Windows 8 VM and talk about disorientation on top of disorientation…but I digress…

Fortunately, I have found some resources to help me sort out the keyboard issues. Hopefully, if you are in a similar situation, you will find them useful too…

Full Disclosure: I wrote this post mainly so I could easily find these links myself!

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