As I mentioned in prior columns, my approach to consumption of resources can be summed up with these five words: reduce, reuse, renew, rethink, and recycle. In prior columns, I discussed reduce and reuse. This time, I’d like to introduce rethink.

Reconsider could also have been “reconsider” or “re-assess”. The idea is to reconsider your normal patterns towards a more sustainable lifestyle. For example, if you currently drive to work, could you consider taking the bus or riding your bike instead?

This can also be applied to potential purchases. Most mobile phone manufacturers release new models of phones annually and many people have gotten into the habit of buying the latest each year. Should you reconsider if you really need to upgrade to the latest and can delay that upgrade for an extra year or two? Similarly, do you really need that new fill-in-the-blank appliance, piece of clothing, appliance, or other cool new gadget?

What aspect of your life might you rethink to come up with a more sustainable path?

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