Eat for the Planet Seminar

What activity do each of us perform at least three (often more) times daily and has a significant impact on our health, carbon footprint, happiness, and identity, as well as the welfare of animals with which we share this planet?

If you guessed eating, you are right.

Suzanna and I are hosting a meetup, Eat for the Planet, on Sunday, February 20, 2022, when we will talk about the intersection between diet, climate change, health, and animal welfare. We will offer practical advice on moving toward a more plant rich diet including how to make your favorite foods plant based, advice on analogs for meat and dairy and some great recipe resources. We will also talk about the differences between a vegan diet and a whole food plant based diet and how those choices impact the planet and health.

We hope you can join us for what should be a lively presentation with plenty of time for questions and sharing.

Missed the talk? No problem, you can watch the recording or download the slides.


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