Climate Action Now!

Most people think that contacting their representatives regarding climate change and pending legislation is too hard. A while back, I wrote about a web page I created on my other blog to make it easier at how-to-contact-your-leaders. While this is still a handy resource page for contacting your elected leaders, an offshoot of the Climate Reality Project recently created a fantastic phone app that takes the process of contacting your representatives to the next level called Climate Action Now

The Climate Action Now app

When you first set up the app, you can create some custom text that it will insert into your emails like “I am a mother of two girls deeply concerned about the world I will be leaving to them”. Then each time you open up the app – I suggest daily – it will walk you through five actions. For example, one of the actions is “Tell your members of Congress to prevent illegally deforested products from entering US markets”. If I then click the Do It Now! button, I can choose to call or email my two US Senators. If I choose “call”, it will suggest talking points for the conversation. If I instead choose “email”, it presents an email script that includes my custom email text and allows me to further customize the message before I click send. 

Other actions might be to read about plastic production, learn about a recent positive event such as the closing of a coal mine, or contact the leader of a bank to ask them to set a net-zero goal. 

And as you perform acts, you are rewarded with points that can be cashed in to plant trees. The Climate Action Now app is incredible. I have been using it for several months on my iPhone and can’t recommend it enough. An Android version is also available.

Consider downloading the Climate Action Now app today from the iPhone App store or Google Play store and using it daily to make your climate action voice heard. Working together, we can help take care of our common home. 

Paul Litwin

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