Don’t flush away the forests

The National Resources Defense Council recently published the third edition of their Buyer’s Guide to the Sustainability of At-Home Tissue Products. Using the NRDC’s report, you can quickly assess the environmental impact of your  toilet paper, paper towel, and facial tissue products and change to more earth-friendly tissue purchases for your household.

NRDC Toilet Paper Scorecard

You can find the article at and the scorecard at Using the scorecard you will find that many mainstream products such as Cottonelle, Quilted Northern, Amazon Basics, Charmin, Angel Soft, Fiora, and Costco Kirkland brand received grades of F while other tissue products from companies Green Forest, Who Gives a Crap (I am not making that name up), Seventh Generation, Trader Joe’s Bath Tissue (not the Super Soft product which received a D rating), Whole Foods 365 brand, and others scored A or A+. 

At the bottom of the scorecard, you will also clearly see that a lot of thought went into the methodology used to compare tree-based, recycled, and bamboo based products. So check out the scorecard to easily improve your sustainability score in the tissue arena and stop flushing and throwing away our forests.

Note: I found out about the NRDC Scorecard using the Climate Action Now app, which I mentioned in a prior post. Highly recommended!

Working together, we can help take care of our common home. 

Paul Litwin

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